Laser Hair Removal Procedures

All About Laser Hair Removal

One hundred years ago, the concept of using high powered lasers for anything but boring holes into metal, or used as weaponry, would have been illogical. That hasn’t stopped beauty salons and day spas from defying the odds by offering extensive laser hair removal services; the majority of which can be permanent and are suitable for adults of all ages.

All about Laser Hair Removal

The simplest way of explaining what laser follicle treatments involve is by saying that they rely on a high powered, concentrated beam of light. The light might be translucent, but it’s incredibly strong – and anything that it is pointed toward will soon be feeling the metaphorical burn. In certain concentrations, the laser can be used to eliminate skin cells and hair follicles at the root; killing the organic tissue and putting an end to hair growth in general.

Is it Safe to Use?

In the past, the answer would have been a resounding NO. But that was 30 years ago when people were still learning about radiation. These days, laser hair removal is as safe as having teeth cleaned by a dentist, or having skin treated by a dermatologist. When practiced by a fully licensed therapist (and it’s very important that they are qualified to operate a laser), the results can be as safe as they are effective.

How Long Do the Results Last?

All laser hair removal machines will need to be professionally manufactured to ensure that the concentrated beam can be controlled at all times. Softer beams, or those that rely on lower power outputs, can offer results that last for months and although the cells within will be destroyed; its human nature for cells to renew themselves and regrow over time.

That being said, it can be possible to completely eliminate the potential for hair to grow for years at a time; with the most powerful lasers offering results of up to 5 years in some cases. It all depends on the strength of the laser, but this is something that can be discussed with a licensed laser treatment specialist.

How Does the Laser Work?

The laser itself is emitted from a lens via a machine and it can be as precise or as widespread as the need dictates. Some treatments offer a broader coverage to encompass a range of hair follicles and provide quicker results. Others rely on a concentrated beam of light that can provide a much deeper reach and therefore target follicles at the root.

In the majority of cases, laser removal is most effective for those that have light skin and dark hair and this is because of the way in which their pigmentation forms. Although lasers can still be used to rid people of all ethnicities of unwanted body hair; the fact that fairer skin will typically possess lesser follicle pigmentation can make the results even more substantial.

The difference in pigmentation between lighter skin and darker hair can make it fairly straight forward to ‘split’ the cells within the pores and roots of a person’s follicles and this is why laser hair treatments can be much more effective. For those with darker skin and dark hair, the results are still obtainable, but the concentration of the laser might need to be higher, or they may need to re-attend a clinic to undergo laser removal more than once to enjoy the results.

Choosing a Therapist

Obviously the most important thing with Laser Therapy is to choose a therapist who is qualified and knows what she is doing. There are many stories of botched laser procedures, and you dont want to become the next story!