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0:51 – Episode Begins! (Skip Intro)
1:21 – Learn the #1 Thing You Need to Manage Your Finances!
2:15 – What is a Budget?
4:51 – Download Your FREE Gift! (Wait for the card to appear at 4:58)
5:55 – Your Most Important Investment.

After paying off over ,000 in student loan debt and retiring from Corporate America, I’ve decided to mentor an exclusive group of students who want to dominate 2017. Here’s how you can be one of them:

Wanna learn how to manage money and build wealth? Are you wondering how to save money? The Urban Money Manager goes over money management tips that will help you get out of debt, raise your income and budget money properly in this week’s video “Money Management 101”

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The Urban Money Movement presents… “The Journey to Student Loan Freedom!”

In the second episode of Season 1, the Urban Money Manager delivers a crash course in the fundamentals YOU NEED to manage your money! Your journey of making smart financial decisions begins NOW.

Ask yourself the following questions:
– How much better would I feel if I actually knew where my money was going each month and didn’t have to guess?
– How committed am I to getting ahead with money?
– How much could I improve my finances and my savings if I knew how to manage a budget?

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